Pardon the Interruption

Train Tracks

Ahh train stories. They never get old and they never end. People do really strange things on the train and it’s quite entertaining. When I was staying in Brooklyn, every morning on the way to work this one man would get on at the same spot and I would hear:

“Please pardon the interruption but I am sick. I just got out of the hospital. I am sick. I am not physically sick or mentally sick. I am sick for money. [Some rambling about health care and not taking a shower]”

Then this “sick” man proceeded to walk all the way through the car saying “Can anybody help me. Can anybody help me? Can anybody help me!” 

He would get off at the next stop. 

Of course he was not the last person I’ve witnessed asking for money on the train. (The blind people are the funniest because the train is like moving and they’re moving too and you’re not sure if its intentional or if they’re just going with the motions. I know. I’m rude.)The most creative way I’ve seen to ask for money on the train, other than the performers which is a whole different post entirely, is by selling SNACKS!

Once again, I was in Brooklyn, (seems like a common denominator), and a young guy got on the train with a bunch of taped up snack boxes. My first inclination was to move to the next car because who knows what was in that make-shift box. But the doors had already closed and I was resigned to dying. Then he holds up the box to his ear like he was going to breakdance and says:

“Please pardon the interruption, I hope you all are having a great day. But I got some snacks here. I got fruit snacks, doritos, juice boxes, crackers, all for a dollar. Fruit snacks are 4 for a $1.” Lucky for him, there were tons of kids on that particular car so I’m sure he cleaned up and got at least $10. Good for him.

The hustler spirit is definitely real out in these streets…err train cars.  I do find it pleasantly comical they really don’t mean to interrupt your commute. How sweet of them.


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