My Life on Apps

My Life on Apps

Moving to a new city is hard. Apps make it easier. Thanks to my iPhone, (Apple, please feel free to send me a new computer for this promotion), I have downloaded a billion apps just to navigate through the city and learn how to live as an adult. Some…most…I have deleted but these four have proven to stand the test of time*.

  1. Embark NYC – I cannot begin to explain how many different Subway apps I downloaded when I first moved to New York. I had to delete music and pictures just to have enough memory to store them all! They all seemed to fail me in one way or another but the Embark App has proven to be pretty faithful. Sometimes I feel like it may give me a more difficult train route than necessary based on departing/arriving times but its almost always accurate. The most helpful features are the walking maps, train directions (uptown? downtown? Far Rockaway? It lets you know), and the notification center that keeps a list of train delays. An even greater part of this app is that as long as you don’t need to use your current location or an exact address, (meaning you can pick a train station), you can use it without wifi or service.
  2. Candy Crush – Dear sweet candy crush. How could I ever survive the 30 minute train ride without you? Even if you aren’t addicted this is a great way to avoid staring at people on the train. It always doesn’t require so much involvement that you’ll miss your stop. Really, any game you download is a great passive way to pass the time.
  3. GrubHub – So I’ve not quite discovered the difference between GrubHub and Seamless. I downloaded both and have preferred using Grubhub. I don’t know why but I like the emails that let you know of popular places in your area. Thanks to the app I also got a free drink playing their little game that becomes available after every three orders.
  4. Yelp – I yell for Yelp! This app has definitely come in handy when I’m out and need to find a place to go with my friends. The reviews are sooooo helpful. And if you’re ballin’ on a budget like me you can narrow your search down to cheap places.

So yes, I am app-dependent. C’mon and get app-y!


*Well, at least a month.


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