2013-09-12 19.47.42It was a warm, almost autumn day. The trains were running late, teens were yapping loudly and tourists were still walking slowly. All in all it could’ve been classified as a typical New York day. But ah, typical it was not. On the morning the day before I received a phone call. Normally I don’t answer my cell phone at work unless I am on my lunch break. But I was anxiously expecting a call from someone. Anyone really. I stared at the phone for half of a second, picked it up, and ran to the kitchen area for privacy. In about 10 minutes I received the news I had been waiting for:


In my quest to not end up on a crime show, I spent my weekend, and weeks really, frantically searching for a new apartment. I was dead set on finding a place BY MYSELF, even though everyone I talked to seem to think I was dreaming. Well in their face because on Tuesday I signed a lease for my very own studio apartment!!!!

So many emotions were running, and are still running through my mind. I am obviously ecstatic that I no longer have to live with a crazy person and be verbally assaulted. This will be my first time living alone and I will have my very own place! I can paint it Carrie Bradshaw blue, I can make it look like my pinterest boards, I can walk around naked. I mean the possibilities and opportunities are endless. This is just so amazing It’s still sinking in that in less than 3 weeks I will be living on my own!  I’m so excited that I am finally delivered from the demon woman. And as I wait for her reaction to the formal notice I left for her this morning, I just have to stay strong because things will and DID get better! Who knows? Maybe she’ll be just as excited as I am.


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