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So I did something really terrible last week. I honestly didn’t mean to but with the way I’ve been feeling and amongst everything going on it just kind of slipped my mind. I forgot to write a blog to celebrate my three months in New York. I know. I’m a horrible person and should be ashamed of myself. But truthfully, I was too busy trying not to die, celebrating and then packing. (Like right now I should be packing but I have to write this darn blog post sheesh!) Making it 3 whole months in New York is definitely a milestone, but I honestly don’t feel as excited about it as I did making it my first full month. After some reflection, I noticed something very important…I’ve gone through similar emotions before. I always have a cycle that I go through with each move.

Stage 1|The  Excitement: Moving to a new state, city, or house or shoebox is exciting! It’s something new. You have all of these hopes and worries that get your adrenaline pumping! Meanwhile, you’re so busy packing, moving and making sure everything is going to go smoothly and perfectly. This time around just the fact I was moving to freaking NEW YORK made the excitement phase last longer than usual. Even now, there are moments when I walk down the street and have to stop and think….I live in New York City. And just out of NYC, I’m literally living something I’ve dreamed about. It’s an awesome feeling.

Stage 2|The  Adjustment: Once the excitement dies down a little, and you finally get into a daily routine you start to adjust to your new surroundings. Everything is not as shiny, new and mystical as it was in the beginning. Train rides start to get longer, other people start to get more annoying and daily activities seem mundane. Luckily for me, in this stage I found new friends and although my schedule is pretty much the same; Train, Work, Train, Dinner x 5 days a week and Drinks, dinner and sleep for the rest of the week. Unluckily for me, this stage here also included getting yelled at every weekend by a crazy person and trying to navigate a maze around dog poop. Not only was I bored, but I was angry, and on edge. It wasn’t the adult, New York experience I was expecting. The also not so fun part about this stage is realizing the important people in your life aren’t just down the street anymore. You’re moving on with your life and so are they and you can’t be there to support each other. And this sucky feeling begins the next stage.

Stage 3|The  Decision: I love my job, I love this opportunity I have been given but I don’t always love New York. This was a hard thing to come to terms with. It’s an even harder thing to write about. For the longest time all I’ve ever wanted to do was move to New York and work in fashion. This is a DREAM. At the same time, I don’t think I can picture myself living here for the rest of my live. For a long time? Definitely. I love my job and I hope to stay there for a very long time. I hope to make connections and take advantage of all of the opportunities the city of New York offers. But sustaining this far of a distance from my family and friends I consider family just isn’t realistic to me. And to raise a family here? For me? Fuggetaboutit. But since Trey Songz has yet to ask me out on a date yet, much less propose I suspect I will be here for a long time.

[Optional] Repeat Stage 1|The  Excitement: Once I signed my lease I started the cycle all over again. I am so excited to move and have a place of my own. It’s going to make my whole adult New York experience different and hopefully better. Not everyone makes it to this stage though. I have friends who have moved to start their adult lives and absolutely hate where they have ended up. That is why stage 3 is so important and this step, to repeat stage 1, doesn’t always happen for everyone. But you know, that’s part of growing up. Learning yourself and what you want in life…at least I think that’s part of it.


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