Read My LIPS

My life has been signed, sealed and delivered.

The best part about living in a metropolitan area is the buzz and activity. During one of my weekly happy hours, my friend and I decided we wanted to move on to the next location. The only problem was, we didn’t know what the next location was. (We aren’t very good at planning our outings). I jokingly, but seriously, mentioned a drag show.

“No really! I want to go to a drag show. Let’s go! Let’s google some.”

So as we sat in the bar finishing our $5 beer and free pizza, we both pulled up the handy dandy Yelp app. One of the first places that popped up was a place called “Lips.” Um hello? We were there in a New York minute. Although not really because we were in the East Village and had to head all the way to Midtown.

From Chandelier to Blackey O’Nasty, it was everything I could ask for in my first drag show experience. The performances were awesome, they had great personalities and most importantly they were beat to the high heavens. Since we went on the spur of the moment we only had drinks and not the dinner, even though they boast being the best in Drag Dining, While the drinks were tasty, I’m not so sure they were worth $10. But it was definitely a great time and I can’t wait to go back. Make sure you check out my video clip and their website. They have locations around the country.

Food: N/A
Overall Experience:★★★★★

Disclaimer: My rating system is completely arbitrary. I really just picked a number between 1 and 5.


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