This is AfroPunk


This post is also a day late and a dollar short, (ironically “Too Little, Too Late” just began playing on my iTunes), but oh well.

Last weekend, I made the journey to Brooklyn for AfroPunk 2013. I had been excited for the festival for a whole month. My outfit, hairstyle and outfit had already been planned. I had no idea what to expect, I was just excited to attend rocking a AfroPunk-fitting outfit and possible spot a celeb or two. I was even more excited that my bestie in my head Questlove was one of the scheduled performers.

As my new friend and I finally made rounded the corner to Commodore Barry Park  we were offered Nestle Chocolate Milk…and a lovely prepackaged rolling paper kit that I quickly denied. They do get my kudos on great packaging and marketing though. The fragrance of the whole entire park explained the need for rolling papers, but the chocolate milk was strange, random and baffling. But after the festival, I realized that like Chocolate Milk, AfroPunk was simple, fun and nostalgic. In that first day we listened to music while eating chicken wings, window shopped because all of the vendors were expensive, ($40 for a ring that doesn’t come with a warranty or a proposal?), and did the electric slide to “Candy” as if everyone there was a relative and we were at a family reunion. The MOST fun part of Day 1, other than seeing so many unique styles was being surrounded by so much talent. Talented people are everywhere but the energy at AfroPunk was something I’ve only felt since living in NY. For the better portion of the day I watched people with amazing talent dance to any and everything the DJ played. It was absolutely amazing.

Day 2 wasn’t in the original plan, but it was oh so necessary. Questlove was set to perform and I already missed meeting him once since I’ve lived in New York and I wasn’t going to miss out on a second time. Despite being fashionably late, and being offered drug candy from a strange lady rocking Tommy Hilfiger and bantu knots, his DJ set was amazing! I only wish it was longer. I can’t wait until next year…hopefully I’ll be able to afford some vendor merchandise by then.


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