But…I Have Money

Concrete Jungle Full of Cash

I need you to lean really close to the screen right now. I have a secret.

A little closer.

A little closer still.

Okay back up now your nose is touching the screen.

Are you ready?


This dear friendly readers of mine, is not a joke. This is very serious. Why is it so hard to earn, save and spend money wisely? I mean logically, you have money, you want to keep money so you don’t spend said money. I was rolling in the dough in college. I got a refund check every semester, had a little side job and had a meal plan. But now, I’m broke. You have to eat EVERYDAY! And more than once a day! That really adds up. I spent most of my first paychecks buying food! $5 on breakfast, $5 for lunch and 5 days a week = $50 for one week without dinner or counting weekend food. Do you know what I could spend $50? Apparently just two meals. Oh and don’t let me go to happy hour! $5 margaritas times 3 margaritas no longer equals a very happy bank account.

With the date in which I plan to be up out of this looney bin fast approaching I am TRYING my hardest to save, save, save! But it’s SO HARD. All I can hear is the Chipotle rice calling me “Eat me! I’m only $8 plus tax. I’m oh so delicious.” But really…$8 for one meal with no drink or dessert and I still need to eat a minimum of two more times that day! It’s truly insane. And when you add in the fact that I’ve been wearing the heck out of the few clothes I bought and they’re falling apart. AND speaking of falling..hello I can’t wear summer clothes anymore. I NEED TO SHOP where am I getting this money from? This is so stressful. My new strategy for this next paycheck is to take out spending cash and spend NO MORE than what I take out. I need to give my debit card a break. Hopefully I’ll be able to report back with a full belly and a full bank account.


2 thoughts on “But…I Have Money

  1. I read this and thought of Bob Marley, “Them Belly Full, But We Hungry.” Now let me go back to my generic mac&cheese.

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