There’s Something About Today…

2013-07-08 22.47.38

Today I woke up and changed my hairstyle 5 times. This is after I spent an hour before bed pre styling it. I ended up pulling it into my everyday bun.

Today when I threw on the dress I had been planning to wear all weekend I realized it would be too hot. I changed outfits 4 times and still went to work covered in lint.

Today when I walked down the winding and cluttered hallway in this shared apartment I knocked over my roommates fake plant that for some reason was in a vase with water. In my hustle to wipe up the mess and get out of the door I forgot that yesterday I made 5 sandwiches….and of course I didn’t even remember to take one to work.

Today I had to wait 25 minutes for a train only to have to stand the entire 40 minute commute home.

Despite the variety of troubles I encountered…today also marked something more joyous. Exactly 30 days ago I was hauling all of my belongings through Penn Station. Exactly 30 days ago, two New Yorkers did the most “un-New Yorker” thing and helped me get all of my bags up the escalator, out of the station and to the line to hail a cab because they saw I was struggling.

Exactly 30 days ago, I stared out of the windowless cab as I was driven from Manhattan to Brooklyn. And exactly 30 days ago, I plopped my tired, sweaty and nervous behind down onto the bed of my Brooklyn hotel. So yes, today has sucked according to average levels of suckiness. But I’m in a new city and as Jay-Z would say, (whom I did NOT get to see perform for free today thanks to Bloomberg), there are #newrules. Right now, I think it’s impossible to have a sucky day. Not only have I been living in New York for 30 days, but on Wednesday I will celebrate, (silently), a month at my job. The job I never thought I’d find and even doubted I deserved. And Thursday will mark the end of my second month as a college graduate. After all of the hurdles I’ve been through and the sacrifices people have made for me just to get to these milestones its plain ungrateful to deem any day less than amazing.

So here’s to many more super amazing and slightly amazing days as a New Yorker!


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